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What keeps your most profitable customers, star employees, and most successful re-sellers from leaving? …Relationship.

Do you have a strong business relationship with all your stakeholders? How do you measure it? Where should you focus to keep them and motivate them to recommend you to others?

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We Help Companies Build Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

We are a strategy visualization and design thinking team that uses a proprietary framework to help you understand and resolve relationship-centered challenges. Our engagements include analysis, design, and education offerings:

The Serious Relationship Framework is the subject of two best-selling books and part of customer and employee experience programs at Rutgers University, University of California Irvine, Missouri State, University of Richmond, University of S. Florida, and the University of Wisconsin. It serves as the foundation of our assessments, design thinking workshops, and learning programs across the globe.

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The Serious Relationship Foundation

The Serious Relationship Questions

Praises for the work…

“…dynamic, entertaining, motivating… the message is spot on and just what our employees needed…”

T. Darling, KTD Communications

“…an entertaining and comedic style that engages audiences and gets them thinking deeply about the beautiful intersection between business objectives and true human engagement and trust…”

C. Spokely, Extreme 365 Events

“…this work has inspired me and my peers. Thanks for the years of insight…”

J. Mango, Verizon

“…what JC speaks and writes about changes companies, and lives…”

B. Bruffey, Protech

“Amazing. Highly recommend it to anyone serious about their business relationships.”

N. Blake, Rutgers University

About JC

JC Quintana

JC Quintana, Founder | Ph.D. Researcher | Educator | Author

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our passion for people!

Through my more than 20 years leading training, sales, talent management, and reseller/partner programs in 10 countries I have learned that all businesses rise and fall based on how they build relationships.

About JC: A globally respected business relationship advocate and author. JC has led customer, employee, and reseller efforts as GM and senior vice-president for Fortune 500 companies around the world. He currently lectures on business relationship psychology and customer & employee experience at various U.S. universities sharing the Serious Relationship Framework. A proud Air Force veteran, husband, and father. He lives in Kennesaw, GA with his wife Shelley.

BA Human Resource Management. MS Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Ongoing PhD studies in Organizational Psychology. Certified conflict management facilitator and trainer, Mediation Training Institute at Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute. Adjunct professor of Customer Experience Strategy, Design Thinking, and Business Relationship Psychology at Rutgers University, University of California Irvine, University of Missouri, University of Richmond, and the University of Wisconsin.

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