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Welcome to Customer ​Experience @RUTGERS

Become inspired at the Customer Experience Certificate Program at Rutgers. Learn to understand customer’s experiences, develop deep insights, and integrate innovative methodology throughout your organization. Immerse yourself in a program designed by professionals, for professionals. Classes are fast-paced, interactive and provide practical skills and tools you can take back to your workplace and apply immediately.

About the Logo

We put a lot of thought into our logo. It represents the three relationship entities of the business ecosystem: Customers, employees, and partners. They all blend together into a unified entity we call a company. They are corporate entities brought together for a common purpose. The relationship between these corporate entities is called the corporate relationship. Now you know what we are about. Be sure to learn more about us throughout this page.

About the Concept

Everything we do (consulting, education, technology assisted digital interviews, and program development) is always about the seven foundations of business relationships. You will see them throughout this site, in our books, and in every engagement. We believe in the importance of focusing on these areas, measuring them, and making strategic and technology decisions based on their level of health at your company. We have been described as marriage counselors for companies... That is not a bad analogy.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 470-399-3555